Kendrick Lamar Reveals Why He Called Out A White Fan For Rapping The N-Word

2 July 2018, 12:56

The rapper has explained why he criticised the fan.

Kendrick Lamar has clarified why he called out a white fan for rapping the n-word after inviting her on stage during one of his shows

The Compton rapper was performing his song 'M.A.A.D City' at Hangout Festival last month when he invited the fan up to rap a verse. However, he cut her off after she rapped the racial slur three times.

Kendrick Lamar Calls Out White Fan For Rapping N-Word On Stage

"Aren’t I cool enough for you? What’s up, bro?” asked the fan after Lamar halted the performance. At the time, Lamar explained that “you got to bleep one single word, though."

“Oh, I’m sorry," the fan replied. "Did I do it? I’m so sorry… I’m used to singing it like you wrote it.” The footage went viral and sparked discussion online.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Lamar has addressed the situation publicly for the first time.

“Let me put it to you in its simplest form,” he said. “I’ve been on this earth for 30 years, and there’s been so many things a Caucasian person said I couldn’t do. Get good credit. Buy a house in an urban city.

"So many things - ’you can’t do that’ - whether it’s from afar or close up. So if I say this is my word... please let me have that word.”

Meanwhile, Lamar was recently awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for music. Not only is he the first rapper to win the award, but he is also the first non-classical or jazz musician to have won.

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