Kanye West And Wiz Khalifa End Feud

3 February 2016, 10:11 | Updated: 3 February 2016, 10:24

Kanye West Wiz Khalifa

A truce has been made.

Kanye West appears to have ended his recent publicised feud with Wiz Khalifa.

Kanye initially hit out at the ‘See You Again’ rapper in a series of angry tweets after he criticised the decision to call his new album ‘Waves’.

Wiz claimed that Kanye was stealing the term that was popularised by New York rapper Max B.

However West didn’t take kindly to the accusations and launched into a string of offensive tweets after he thought Wiz made reference to his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian and Khalifa’s ex-fiancee Amber Rose, who also got involved, recently both posted selfies on Instagram to signal a truce.

Now Kanye has taken to Twitter announce the end of his feud with Wiz.

“Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the rapper has also stepped back from claims that his new album is the “best album of all time”.

Ye’ said that out of respect for his idols, he now claims his album is  “one” of the greatest of all time instead. 

Kanye West’s new album, currently called ‘WAVES’, is set for release on 11th February.