Kanye West Posts Twitter Image Accidentally Revealing He Uses Illegal File Sharing Site

2 March 2016, 09:54


Deadmau5 takes to Twitter to call out at Kanye after the revelation.

Awkward moment alert. Kanye West might be in a touch of trouble after tweeting a seemingly harmless photo of his computer that sees him working on new music.

The image was of a YouTube video Kanye West was listening to, but upon closer inspection, you can see that one of the tabs 'Ye has open on his browser is for illegal file sharing site The Pirate Bay. 

Unfortunately for Kanye, Deadmau5 (who has 3.4 million Twitter followers) noticed the tab and called 'Ye out on it. 

"What the f*ck @kanyewest... can't afford serum? D*ck" he posted, adding; "Let's start a kickstarter to help @kanyewest afford a copy of serum."

Both Kanye West and Deadmau5 are co-owners of Jay Z's TIDAL and were at its press conference last year when the team stated they would champion artists being paid legitimately for their music. 

Kanye is yet to comment.