Kanye West And Taylor Swift Made Up At The Grammys And All Is Right In The World

9 February 2015, 12:18

Taylor Swift Kanye West Grammys 2015

Six years later and all is forgiven.

In case you've spent six years living under a rock, let us take you back to the most memorable moment in recent awards show history - the 2009 VMAs, when Taylor swift won a gong for the 'Best Video' and Kanye West really wasn't happy about it. 

The moment lead to the most famous Kanye West quote of all-time.

"I'mma let you finishbut Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!"


Six years later, at last night's Grammy awards, the two came face to face and Taylor being the nice girl she is, totally forgave Kanye for his small but unforgettable past outburst. 

Here's Kanye West and Taylor Swift sharing an awkward hand shake. 

Taylor Swift and Kanye West Grammy Awards 2015d


Then Taylor kindly forgave Kanye and they hugged it out. 


Kanye bowed to Taylor with a grateful heart. 

Kanye West bowing to Taylor Swift Grammys 2015


Finally, the air has been cleared. And Kanye couldn't be happier.

Taylor Swift Kanye West Grammys 2015


Kim Kardashian even got involved in all the hugging and making up. 

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian Grammy Awards 2015


Hats off to Taylor for taking her own advice.


And hats off to Kanye for learning his lesson... 


Kind of.