Swizz Beatz Slams Kanye West For Wearing MAGA Hat: "That Sh*t Ain't Right"

2 October 2018, 18:13

Swizz Beatz is furious...

Swizz Beatz has slammed Kanye West after the rapper chose to wear a Make America Great Again hat during his performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The Hip-Hop producer, who regularly works with Kanye West, made his feelings known in a fiery Instagram post.

“F*CK THE MAGA HAT Kanye West,” he wrote.

“F*ck The Maga Hat we must face our poison in order to poise on! “Enough is enough. Blessings.”

Swizz then revealed he spoke to Kanye West about the hat 48 hours before he chose to wear it on Saturday Night Live.

He added that he told Kanye in front of a group of people in the studio that it made the culture feel “uncomfortable.”

The producer then hit play on an instrumental that repeated the words “f*ck the MAGA hat, f*ck the MAGA hat, “f*ck the MAGA hat.”

Watch the footage above.

Kanye West is yet to publicly respond to Swizz Beatz.

However Kanye West has chosen to squash his long-running feud with Snoop Dogg.

The West Coast rapper had frequently expressed his dislike at Kanye West supporting Donald Trump.

But a Kanye West fan spotted him wearing a t-shirt with Snoop Dogg’s face on it.

Kim Kardashian has also appeared to diffuse rumours that she is embarrassed by Kanye West’s behaviour.

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