Kanye West Has Only Ever ‘Liked’ One Tweet And You’ll Love It

24 August 2016, 11:13 | Updated: 24 August 2016, 11:15

Kanye West

Find out Yeezy's favourite tweet of all time.

Kanye West’s antics on Twitter have been widely documented in 2016.

Yeezy famously sparked a huge feud with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose – not to mention claiming his ‘TLOP’ album would only ever be a TIDAL exclusive, only to make it widely available weeks later. 

Yet despite sending out almost 1000 tweets, Yeezy has also only ever ‘liked’ one.

Check out it out below:

The original tweet was posted back in 2010 and strangely remains Kanye’s only favourite post on Twitter.

What does it all mean?!