Nick Cannon Fires Shots At Kanye West During Freestyle Despite 'Squashing Their Beef’

27 September 2018, 14:55 | Updated: 27 September 2018, 15:00

Nick Cannon, Kanye West.
Nick Cannon, Kanye West. Picture: BigBoyTV/PA Images

The rapper made a point to defend himself.

Nick Cannon and Kanye West are said to have made amends following their recent beef - but Cannon is letting West knows where he stands.

Tension between the pair was sparked after Cannon appeared to co-sign the rumour that West's wife, Kim Kardashian, had previously slept with Drake, which Kim denied.

West slammed Cannon - who also used to date Kim - over social media, with Cannon responding in an attempt to justify his actions. The pair allegedly squashed their beef.

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In his latest radio interview with BigBoyTV, Cannon addressed the recent situation and clarified that things between the old friends are cool. He then launched into a freestyle over 'Ye's song 'Clique'.

"That's my dawg, that's my team/ Kanye make the whole world scream/ But he tried to control what I had to say/ I said no way, Yeezy, not today/ We could talk about Kim K or the KKK/ Either way I'ma get up and say what I gotta say," he rapped.

"No MAGA hats/ Matter fact, you could fit it to the back/ 'Cause I'm never reppin' that set, never reppin' that squad/ Never reppin' what you said, dawg you really not a God."

During his interview, the rapper said that he owed a lot of Kanye's recent outburst to "Yeezy promotion."

“He’s a master at manipulating the media, and controlling the media, and controlling his message," he told Big Boy. "So I had to step back and be like, ‘Why is he doing this?’"

Kanye is ye to respond to Cannon's latest barbs.

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