Kanye West Premieres 20 New Songs At London Nightclub

7 July 2014, 10:25

Kanye West perfroms on stage

Apparently 'Ye took to the decks at a private event to showcase new material.

While all the headlines from Kanye West's performances at the Wireless Festival in London and Birmingham over the weekend have been about his on stage rants, the rapper is reported to have quietly previewed up to 20 new songs at a club in London on Saturday night (5th July).

Although 'Ye hasn't confirmed the reports, pictures have appeared online showing Kanye DJ'ing at a private London club, with some members of the crowd claiming that he was road-testing new material.

This is the story.

According to someone on Instagram, Kanye and friend Virgil were dropping new songs that were "sounding crazy". Here's a picture.

Thanks to someone on Twitter, we got more information about the number of songs played.

And what they sounded like.

H/T to kanyetothe.com for picking up on this exciting information.