Kanye West Storms Off Stage At Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony

Kanye West onstage at Pan Am Games 2015

Kanye West stormed off stage at the Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony

Kanye's gigs are usually eventful. Remember when he jumped into a lake in April and was mobbed by fans?

On this occasion, the rapper’s set lasted just 13 minutes before he threw his microphone into the air and left the stage at the Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony in Toronto. 

His booking had already caused some controversy in the city as he isn’t Canadian, and fans were left confused when he tossed his mic into the air and stormed off stage.

The rapper’s mic appears to have cut out mid-performance, causing him to get frustrated.

Prior to the incident he seemed to be having a great time, jumping around and encouraging fans to clap - even asking for the stadium lights to be turned on.

He burst onto the stage beginning his set with Stronger, before “technical error” forced the rapper to end his set early.