Kanye West And Deadmau5 Are Having A Huge Feud On Twitter

3 March 2016, 10:00


It all started when Deadmau5 called Kanye out for using Pirate Bay.

Kanye West has responded to Deadmau5 after the superstar producer called him out on Twitter. It all started when Kanye West shared a photo on Twitter that showed him using illegal file-sharing site Pirate Bay. 

When Deadmau5 caught wind he retweeted the original image, posting "what the f*ck @kanyewest?... Can't afford serum? D*ck."

The image is particularly awkward as both Kanye West and Deadmau5 are co-owners of Tidal, a company which prides itself on paying artists the royalties they deserve. 

Kanye West has now responded to Deadmau5, poking fun of his mouse head costume and asking if the Canadian DJ-producer would perform as North's birthday party. 


Not one to hold back, Deadmau5 has since responded, insulting Kanye's intelligence.

We guess these two wont be stood side-by-side at Tidal's next press conference.