Can You Guess The New Title Of Kanye West's Album From it's Initials 'T.O.L.P'?

9 February 2016, 10:20

Kanye West

If so, you'll win some brand new Yeezys.

Kanye West has yet again changed the name of his forthcoming new studio album. 

The 'Real Friends' rapper took to Twitter earlier in the week to reveal that he might have a new "secret album title." This morning (Tuesday) he expanded by telling fans that the initials of the new album title are 'T.L.O.P.'

'Ye has now asked fans to guess the album title, promising that those who get it right will win tickets to season 3 and free Yeezys.


Fans have flocked to the social network to give their opinion on what they think it could be called - and there were some interesting answers.

Do you think you know what 'T.L.O.P' stands for?