Justin Timberlake Got Really Emotional When A Young Fan Handed Him A Gift At His Concert

17 December 2014, 09:43

This is just amazing.

Justin Timberlake couldn't help but well up when a young fan handed him a gift at his recent concert in Brooklyn, New York. 

The 10-year-old boy, who says he has been listening to Justin Timberlake since age two, handed the 'Mirrors' singer a gift when he took a break from performing to chat to fans.

"Hey man, greatest gift ever" Justin said as he unwrapped the present, a bow-tie. 

"I might have to wear that on Christmas day, because a gentleman can never have too many bow-ties. I love you kiddo" he said as he welled up, "sh*t, that got me."

The adorable video comes after Justin Timberlake surprised fans in Brooklyn with a special appearance from his friend and collaborator Jay Z. As the two performed their hit 'Holy Grail' together, Beyoncé was seen dancing in the audience. 

Watch the full video above.