John Legend Responds After Kanye West Leaks His Texts Following Trump Tweets

27 April 2018, 11:17

West accused Legend of "manipulating" his free thought.

John Legend has spoken up after Kanye West publicly posted a series of text exchanges between the pair on Twitter yesterday.

The 'Ordinary People' singer urged West to reconsider his support for US President Donald Trump after the controversial rapper embarked on a lengthy Twitter posting spree.

John Legend Appears To Cryptically Respond To Kanye West’s Controversial Tweets

"I tweeted the John text to show that there are people around me that disagree with me and voice their opinion," West said following the post, "I respect everyone's opinion but I stand my ground."

In his message, Legend asked 'Ye to consider "the harm that Trump's policies cause", before Kanye suggested that Legend was using fear to "manipulate" his free thought.

Speaking during an interview with Angela Lee, Legend suggested that West should be acutely aware of the potential impact that his words and views have on the public.

"It’s fine for him to think whatever he wants to think, but every time he makes an utterance and he publishes it, it has impact." he said.

"Politicians, when they do things, it has impact. And when you align yourself with them, it doesn’t mean you’re endorsing every single thing they stand for, but you’re endorsing their agenda essentially."

He continued: "And if Trump’s agenda is bringing so much pain to so many people, then I don’t feel like we should be endorsing it."

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West, who has reignited his Twitter account after months of silence following his breakdown, recently split from his manager Scooter Braun following his erratic behaviour.

"Sometimes we have the luxury to be insulated from that," added Legend, "When policies do bad things that affect a lot of ordinary people, they don’t affect us in the same way. We don’t feel that pain."

"It’s not a game."

Kanye is yet to respond to Legend's recent comments.

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