Twitter Really Can’t Handle Jay Z’s Verse On Drake’s 'Pop Style'

6 April 2016, 14:22 | Updated: 6 April 2016, 15:03

Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z

Jay rapped one of the shortest verses of all time.

After Drake unleashed two surprise singles ‘One Dance’ feat. Wiz Kid & Kyla and ‘Pop Style’ feat. The Throne, the Internet exploded with their reactions.

Many people weren't ready for the Funky House sample on 'One Dance', while others couldn't handle Drake, Kanye West and Jay Z on one song.

But one thing which stood out was Jay Z's verse - or lack of it!

"They still out to get me, they don't get it/ I can not be got, and that's a given," he raps.

The rapper delivered an almighty two lines before passing the baton to Kanye – which wasn’t missed by users on Twitter.

Check out the funniest reactions below:

Is there another version that includes Jay Z's full verse? Did Drake deliberately remove his lyrics? Was the Illuminati involved?

The mystery of Jay Z's short 'Pop Style' verse is just as confusing as Drake's secret Snapchat account.

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