Jay Z Pays Tribute To Nelson Mandela during his Magna Carter World Tour

11 December 2013, 10:44

Watch the 'Tom Ford' singer perform 'Young Forever' in memory of Mandela.

Jay Z is the latest hip-hop artist to dedicate a performance to the late Nelson Mandela.

During his show at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles for his Magna Carter World Tour, the  'Holy Grail' rapper interrupted his show to speak to the audience, he said:

"We want to dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela. A great man, spent 27 years in prison, came out to be president. All dreams are possible."

"Tonight I'm living my dream in front of ya'll. So anyone out there who got a dream, ya'll chase that motherf***er down as hard as you can," he added.

Fans held up the lights on their phones and waved their hands as Jay Z performed a rendition of 'Young Forever'.

The performance follows tributes from Alicia Keys, John Legend and Wyclef Jean.

Watch Jay Z's performance above.

(Warning: this stream contains language that some people may find offensive.)