Watch Jay Z Sing Along To Beyoncé's 'Made In America' Performance Like The Biggest Fanboy Ever

7 September 2015, 09:43 | Updated: 7 September 2015, 10:06

Jay Z Made In America Festival 2015

This is adorable.

It's official - Jay Z is Beyoncé's biggest fan ever. 

Rather than watching from the sidelines, the 'Drunk In Love' rapper snuck into the crowd at 'Made In America' festival on the weekend to watch Beyoncé's performance with the rest of the crowd. 

While Bey performed her romantic song '1+1' and club anthem '7/11', Jay Z was spotted completely stanning, singing along with a huge smile on his face, all while trying to stay low-key, hiding behind a grey hoody. 

Beyoncé paid tribute to UFC champion boxer Ronda Rousey during her epic set, playing a famous speech of hers that has had millions of views on YouTube.