Jay Z Brings 12-Year-Old Boy On Stage To Rap

7 January 2014, 09:38 | Updated: 7 January 2014, 10:38

Watch how Jay Z made one kid's dream come true, inviting him to take the mic on stage and rap for the crowd.

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If you don't ask, you don't get. So when 12-year-old Justin attended Jay Z's Magna Carter tour in Geensboro, NC, he took a shot and held up a sign that read: 'Can I rap for you?' 

Lucky for him, the answer was yes. Jay Z called the boy on stage and asked him in front of a crowd of thousands "You got something to say to the people?"

Justin takes the mic and after a long pause, begins to rap Jay's verse from 'Clique' acapella. Blue Ivy's dad's fatherly side soon comes out as he interrupts Justin to say tell he not to rap the explicit lyrics.

The two share a big hug when the rap's over, as the crowd cheers for them. But give a inch, they'll take a mile - the cheeky kid ask: "Can I meet you backstage?" he asked. 

Jay replied: "Yes you can, just because of the nerve!" 

Watch the amazing video above.