Watch J. Cole Give An Emotional Speech To Nas As He Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

26 January 2014, 12:12

The 12-minute speech is something special.

How do you introduce one of the greatest rappers of all time? That was a challenge J. Cole faced this weekend when Nas was given a lifetime achievement award at the 2nd annual Vibe Impact awards in Los Angeles. 

As you would expect from J, he was more than up to the challenge, delivering a heartfelt 12-minute speech that saw him recount his feelings about the 'Illmatic' rapper and the impact that he had made on his career. During his speech, J. Cole admitted that he used to print out Nas' lyrics and put them on his wall so that he could try and figure out how the rapper crafted such incredible lines.

Watch the full dedication above. (Warning: the video contains strong language that some people may find offensive.)