J. Cole Teases 'KOD' Deluxe Edition & Two More New Albums

27 April 2018, 13:55

J. Cole

Cole is preparing more new music!

J. Cole has revealed that he is planning to release a deluxe edition of his new album ‘KOD’.

Speaking to fans during a rare Twitter exchange, the Fayetteville rapper confirmed the news. 

“First version of album was done in 2 weeks. Final version of KOD that got released took 6 months total,” he wrote. 

KOD deluxe will be album in its original 2 week form. Plus couple extra scenes that didn’t make final cut.” 

Interestingly, J. Cole’s use of the word “scenes” suggests the new music may be accompanied by some visuals – although this is not confirmed.

The rapper then told fans that he produced the entire album himself, with the exception of ‘Kevin’s Heart’ which was produced by T Minus. 

Cole then dropped a huge hint that his next album will be called ‘The Fall Off’.

When asked for details about the project, he told a fan that he is “workin on it.” 

According to Cole, he was working on ‘The Fall Off’ before he made ‘KOD’.

He also let slip that he is working on a special album for alter-ego Kill Edward

Was working on the fall off [before KOD],” he wrote. “And helping Kill Edward with his album. @killhisways but he don’t tweet a lot.”

Cole also recently opened up to Vulture in another rare moment, speaking about depression, his new album and more.

“We live in a society where all this drug use is normalized,” he said of his album’s anti-addiction theme. “It’s okay, it’s f*cking encouraged, it’s f*cking promoted. You turn on the TV — you feeling down?

“Of course I’m feeling down, I’m a f*cking human being. Try this. Whatever this thing is. Like, nah, how about you actually feel sad and figure out what the f*ck it is that got you feeling sad, so you can work on that?” 

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