Iggy Azalea Is Having A Break From Twitter, Says It Is "Too Negative And Draining"

19 February 2015, 17:23

Iggy Azalea Selfie Fan

Read Iggy's comments on the decision.

Iggy Azalea is taking a break from social media. The 'Fancy' singer took to Twitter, in what will be her last posts for the foreseeable;e future, to tell fans that she feels she is taking some time away from social media because it is making her become "an angry person."

The move appears to come following a Valentines holiday in Hawaii that Iggy has recently returned from with her basketball star boyfriend Nick Young.

From now on Iggy's management will run her social media accounts and any posts by her will be signed 'IA.'

In the past Twitter has seen many of Iggy Azalea's feuds aired publicly. Most recently she got into a spat with Azealia Banks on the social network, but she's also used it to respond to negative comments that Eminem previously made about her.