Frank Ocean Drops New Song ‘Lens’ Featuring Travis Scott - LISTEN

24 April 2017, 11:13 | Updated: 11 May 2017, 15:37

Frank Ocean 'Lens'

Two versions of the song were released - one solo and one with Scott.

Frank Ocean has released a brand new track, entitled 'Lens'.

In another surprise move from the elusive artist, Frank treated fans to not one but two versions of the song.

One version of the mellow tune acts as a solo endeavour by Frank, whilst the other features US rapper Travis Scott and is aptly named 'Lens V2'.

"Real life drowned by the weekend" an Autotuned Frank croons, "No wins, call it timeless / No ends 'cause you're timeless."

Listen to 'Lens' below:

In the alternative version, Scott can be heard rapping with a similarly edited vocal sound.

"Smiling but inside, I'm feeling beer" he says, "Come direct please, I can't take no hints."

Listen to 'Lens V2' below:

'Lens' acts as the third surprise drop from Frank in the last two months.

March saw the release of 'Chanel' whilst April brought the Jay Z/Tyler The Creator-assisted 'Biking'.

And it's safe to say that fans are relishing this rare and unexpected moment.

So... where's this new album, Frank?

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