Is That Serena Williams In Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Video?

20 October 2015, 10:19 | Updated: 20 October 2015, 12:29

Drake Hotline Bling Video

We need answers.

In case you've been living under a rock, Drake dropped his 'Hotline Bling' video overnight and it's basically five whole minutes of him letting loose as he dances solo. 

Once you get over the turtle neck and "drunk uncle" dance moves, you might notice that one of the dancers in the video looks remarkably similar to Drake's rumoured girlfriend Serena Williams - so much so that Twitter can't help but wonder...

Is Serena Williams actually in Drake's 'Hotline Bling video?


It does look like it could be Serena Williams hiding under that hat.


Doesn't it?


Yo Drake, Serena, we need answers.

Maybe we'll never know.