Jennifer Lopez Finally Opens Up About Drake At The Grammys - WATCH

14 February 2017, 11:15 | Updated: 14 February 2017, 13:59

Jennifer Lopez Grammy Interview

"I have so much love for that boy."

Jennifer Lopez has revealed what it was like working with Drake, her supposed ex-love interest.

The R&B singer was attending the Grammy Awards 2017 when she was asked about Drizzy by E! producer Ryan Seacrest. 

In a surprisingly open interview, Lopez gushed about her relationship with the Canadian rapper.

"I love Drake he's so brilliant, talented, amazing." 

Watch the full interview below:

The star also addressed rumours of the pair creating music together.

"Yes, we did. We made a song together" she admitted.

"Creative sparks?" Seacrest asked.

"Yes, absolutely we hung out, we have a great time," giggled Lopez, "He's amazing. I have so much love for that boy."

Rumours began flying of the couple's rumoured romance in December after Drake attended a number of JLo's 'All I Have' concerts in Las Vegas. 

Videos later surfaced of the pair intimately dancing and kissing at a party around the beginning of the New Year.

However, the rumours were put to bed last week after it was revealed that Jenny and Drizzy's fling had allegedly "fizzled out".

Meanwhile, Drake continues to embark on his hugely successful 'Boy Meets World Tour' through Europe.

The rapper reportedly spent a whopping £1500 on Dominos Pizza after a recent show in Manchester.

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