Did Drake And Diddy Have A Fight In A Miami Night Club?

9 December 2014, 11:27

Drake P Diddy basketball game

Here's the story.

Drake and Diddy have reportedly been involved in an altercation in a Miami nightclub this week. 

The alleged fight is said to have taken place during DJ Khaled's birthday party, outside LIV Miami and was started because of a disagreement in the rights to an unknown song.

Witnesses report that Drake and Diddy, who have collaborated in the past on 'Loving You No More,' had a full-blown argument that ended in a physical fight. 

"You will never disrespect me" TMZ reports Diddy as saying before he punched Drake in the face. 

Rick Ross' official DJ Sam Sneak tweeted that Drake dislocated his shoulder in the brawl and had to go to hospital, although these reports have not been confirmed. 

Drake can't seem to stay out of trouble this week. On the weekend Chris Brown aired his anger at some "secret dates" that Drizzy was having with his now ex-girlfriend while Breezy was locked up.