13 Reasons The World Would Be A Better Place If Drake Had A Twin

10 January 2014, 09:19 | Updated: 12 January 2014, 09:39

Drake Twins

Can you imagine how good that would be?

There is a whole Instagram account dedicated to Drake's twin. OK, so maybe Drake doesn't actually have a twin, but Drake Twins tries to imagine a world where he does. It's so funny even Drake follows them.

1) Twin Drake could help him edit tweets down to 140 characters. 

2) Drake could show his twin all the Snapchats he receives. 

3) There could be a big Drake Feat. Drake release.

4) And we could hang Drake x 2 posters on our walls.  

5) The concert tickets wouldn't seem so expensive if we got two Drakes for the price of one. 

6) Drake and Drake could wear matching outfits.

7) If Drake was going to a club but lost his ID, he could borrow the other Drake's ID. 

8) Drake wouldn't have had to face scary High School photos alone if he had a twin.   

9) Drake could outvote people more if there was another Drake to have his back.

10) The world would be a better place for Drake fans, who could have Drake sandwiches. 

11) Drake could have his very own Drake to put sun tan lotion on his back. See, we need two Drakes for health reasons.

12) And there would be a Drake around to stop Drake having to have small talk with Jay Z. 

13) To conclude, the world would be a much better place if Drake was a twin.