The Internet Can't Handle That Drake Wore Glasses And A Wooly Jumper To A Game

11 November 2014, 14:30 | Updated: 31 March 2017, 20:26

Drake attends basket ball game

You know those times when Drake fails so hard he wins? Yeah, it's one of those.

Drake went to the Toronto Raptors Basketball game in Toronto and finally caught a break from people talking about his usual front row, fan-boy antics.


But that was only because the internet was busy talking about his fashion choices for the evening. 


Inevitably, the 'Drake The Type' jokes began flooding in... 


And people had some strong (and not very kind) opinions on what Drake looked like. 


Some of the theories that people had as to why Drake would wear such a thing were not that far fetched. (They might be a little far fetched.)


When all is said and done, Drake is still winning.