15 Things That Would Happen If Drake and Bryson Tiller Collaborated

16 December 2016, 15:30 | Updated: 16 December 2016, 15:31

picsDrake and Bryson Tiller

The world is waiting.

-->--> There’s a lot of talk of Drake and Bryson Tiller - who turned down a record deal with OVO - collaborating together on Drizzy’s upcoming playlist album 'More Life'. 

-->--> For most fans of the Hip Hop hit-maker and Rnb’s latest rising star, the idea of a collaboration between (what some may describe as) the industry's most emotional men is too much to handle. 

So, what would actually happen if Drake and Bryson Tiller were to collaborate?

-->--> 1. The internet is in agreement that if Drake and Bryson drop a song together, it will work.

-->--> 2. And if they made an album together it wouldn't just "work"...

-->--> 3. But there are downsides to a potential collab. Like the public's emotional health. 

-->--> 4. Like, it could be a genuinely depressing time. 

-->--> 5. There is a science behind it.

-->--> 6. People are speculating that the worse might happen.

-->--> 7. Some people know that a Bryson x Drake collab would be the end of them.

-->--> 8. -->--> Others are just worried about making decisions they can’t be held responsible for after listening to it.

-->--> 9. Cause if this is what happens when you listen to Bryson...

(so imagine listening to them both.)

10. -->--> You don’t have to. It looks like this...

-->--> 12. The world would actually be in danger of flooding from tears.

13. -->--> People are making fake accounts imagining how this could go down.

14. -->--> Someone has already mashed-up ‘Don’t’ and 'Marvin’s Room'.

It's had over 150,000 plays already on YouTube. 

15. And this is how it went down...


So Drake, Bryson, let it be known that our tears are ready for you.