Chris Brown Says Drake's Music Is "Amazing", A Future Collaboration Is Likely

19 September 2014, 09:51

Chris Brown interview

Plus Breezy chats about where he's at with Rihanna.

Chris Brown has said that a Drake collaboration is a likely possibility in the future. The 'X' singer has revealed that he would be up for making a record with the '0 To 100' rapper, whose music he thinks is "amazing", in spite of their past beef. 

"I think in the future we could [collaborate], yeah, I think we got enough potential in the records. His music is amazing" Breezy said in an interview with Access Hollywood.

"Right now i'm trying to do my thing and make sure my fans love my stuff. As far as the collaboration, if that's something the fans get that's something they should get." 

The singer, whose new album was released this week, also touched on his relationship with former girlfriend Rihanna, revealing that they have a "great understanding."

Watch the full interview above.