Chris Brown's Mum Wows Fans With "Stunning" New Photoshoot

9 January 2019, 15:22 | Updated: 9 January 2019, 15:23

Chris Brown's mum Joyce stuns fans with new photoshoot
Chris Brown's mum Joyce stuns fans with new photoshoot. Picture: Getty

After posting a few pictures from a recent photo shoot on Instagram, Chris Brown's mum Joyce has received plenty of comments on her "gorgeous" look.

Chris Brown's mum Joyce Hawkins can regularly be found posting pictures of her son on Instagram and supporting his latest work, but after sharing some pictures of herself from a recent photo shoot, she's picked up a few fans of her own.

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Momma Breezy's comments section on Instagram was flooded with positive comments and compliments after she shared the pictures and a quick look at the snaps makes it easy to see why.

Taken by photographer Reese Sherman, the pics see Joyce posing on a chaise lounge with a glass of champagne as well as on the end of a bed whilst wearing some thigh-high leopard print boots.

It's not currently known whether the pictures are for a wider collection or whather Chris' mum just fancied showing off her good looks, but either way people were impressed.

Compliments such as 'Okaaaaaayyyyyy but who told you to SLAY like this!?' and 'Very stunning and beautiful' quickly filled the comments section, so Chris better watch out as his mum's about to take over in 2019!

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