Cardi B Urges Fans To Stop Harassing Her While She's "Stealing" During Instagram Rant - WATCH

20 May 2019, 15:55

The 26-year-old 'Wish Wish' rapstess took to Instagram to make a pubic service announcement - stop putting her on "f*cking blast" while she's doing her shopping.

Being noticed in public often comes with the territory of being a celebrity, and Cardi B knows this all too well.

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The 26-year-old 'Wish Wish' rapper has called out her fans for "screaming" at her when they spot her in public, and has urged them to respect her privacy when she wants to go by unnoticed.

In an Instagram video captioned “Public Service Announcement,” Cardi says to her fans, “When y’all see me, can y’all please not scream out my name?”

"Can y’all please not scream out my name?” Cardi asked of her fans.
"Can y’all please not scream out my name?” Cardi asked of her fans. Picture: Instagram

“I be trying to be low key, I be trying to buy some f*cking panties in Target and sh*t," she says, adding, "Just come up to me and say hi, you know, I be trying to be low-key."

The mother-of-one goes on to mimic the behaviour of her fans when they bump into her in public. She says she's doing “the same thing” that her supporters are - “stealing,” she says, before bursting into fits of laughter.

Cardi, real name Belcalis Almánzar, wraps things up by asking her fans to "stop putting her on f*cking blast" in public. Basically, let the woman shop for her panties in peace.

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