Cardi B Gives Relationship Advice To Khloe Kardashian Following Cheating Scandal

13 April 2018, 12:00

Cardi has addressed the Khloe Kardashian drama...

Cardi B has given Khloe Kardashian relationship advice following her recent dramatic cheating scandal

The reality star reportedly gave birth to the child of Tristan Thompson yesterday following strong claims of cheating. 

However Cardi B, who also faced her own cheating scandal with fiancée Offset, had some advice for her in a new interview.

“Do what your heart feels like doing,” she said. “Do what your heart feels like is right. At the end of the day, everybody wants to act like they’re Deacons and Pastors and their relationships are perfect.

“But you don’t know what type of things are going on in their relationship. How old certain receipts are… people who make it seem like this happened two weeks.” 

Watch the clip above.

Cardi B was under fire after a woman recently claimed she had given birth to Offset’s fourth child.

The woman, who has called the baby Karma, is reportedly attempting to get Offset to take a DNA test to prove that he is the father of the child. 

Offset has denied all claims.

Meanwhile, Cardi B recently announced that she is also pregnant with Offset’s baby.

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