Cardi B Is Given Some Urgent Advice From A Doctor Following Her Shocking Surgery Issues

13 June 2019, 14:38

Cardi B has been suffering major cosmetic surgery complications
Cardi B has been suffering major cosmetic surgery complications. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Dr. Terry Dubrow from 'Botched' has expressed his concerns regarding Cardi B's cosmetic surgery complications. The surgeon gives urgent advice to the rapper in new video.

Cardi B recently took to social media to share a photo of her swollen feet in order to clear up rumours that she was trying to scam fans into buying more tickets.

Cardi B Reveals The Effects Of Her Cosmetic Surgery With A Shocking Photo

The photo went viral and many fans have debated whether surgery is worth the possible side effects. Dr. Terry Dubrow of Botched has shared his own comments on the image, expressing some concerns. 

During a recent TMZ video, the surgeon gave his input on Cardi B's surgery complications. Dubrow said: "The question is, why is she still having complications this far out for a breast augmentation and liposuction," Terry worryingly said.

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He also goes onto comment on the amount of swelling she has visually showed and verbally expressed on Twitter. Dubrow continued:

"The fact that her legs are still this swollen indicates that there's more going on than we're actually hearing about."

Terry gives Cardi B important advice during the video regarding the after care of her surgery. He reveals that Cardi needs to understand that plastic surgery is just as serious as any other serious procedure.

Therefore, the after care and recovery should be treated accordingly.

Earlier today, Cardi B tweeted about her surgery stating "I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause b**ch I ain’t getting surgery again😂😂😂but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since," she wrote. 

Many fans have expressed their worries, and now Dr. Dubrow has.

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