Here’s Why Viewers Thought Beyoncé Just Appeared On Strictly Come Dancing

27 November 2017, 11:26 | Updated: 27 November 2017, 11:28

'Beyoncé' on Strictly Come Dancing

Fans couldn't believe their eyes.

Beyoncé made a surprise appearance on Strictly Come Dancing this week - well, almost.

Viewers were gobsmacked as they watched a woman who appeared to be the 'Walk On Water' songstress strut her way down a catwalk during the show's opening dance.

However, fans soon realised that it was in fact professional dancer Oti Mabuse channelling her inner Queen Bey during the performance.

'Beyoncé' on Strictly Come Dancing]

'Beyoncé' On Strictly Come Dancing

Her tumbling golden curls, Beyoncé-esque stage outfit and confident demeanour had many viewers fooled.

"Good lord! I genuinely thought that Beyoncé was on #Strictly2017 for a second there!" wrote one user on Twitter, "Blimey, Oti. Looking good!"

"Queen Oti is giving Beyonce vibes and I’m living she is so beautiful" said another.

Oti, who was eliminated in week 9 of this year's competition, took to Twitter in excitement following her performance.

"THAT FELT AMAZING!!!! (((Screaming)))" she wrote, before thanking her choreographer.

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