These Guys Got Snowed In, So They Remade Beyoncé's '7/11' Video Shirtless

2 December 2014, 10:11

Warning: Involves a lot of kale.

The '7/11' parody videos are pouring in and the latest one doesn't disappoint. It sees a group of guy friends remake Beyoncé's viral '7/11' music video using whatever props they could get their hands on whilst snowed in at one of their houses. 

Of course, having to work with what they had in the house meant making some small substitutions for the funny video (there was no 'kale' jumper available, so instead they used actual kale).

Together, Matthew, Danny, Andrew, Tim, Garrett and Sofie the dog got out their hairdryers and provided two and a half minutes of laughs. 

The video, which has only been on YouTube for a few days, has already had over 60,000 views. 

It follows a brilliant parody that caught our eye yesterday of a group of five-year-old girls impersonating Queen Bey.