Beyonce Performs New Song 'XO' Live For The First Time

16 December 2013, 10:28

Watch the star surprise fans with a performance of 'XO'.

Just hours after the surprise release of her self-titled new album, Beyonce performed one of its new songs 'XO' live for the first time in concert on Friday (13th December).

The release of 'Beyonce' took everyone by surprise last week, with the album featuring 14 songs and 17 music videos, and fans went crazy at Chicago's United Center when the star performed 'XO'.

"I'm gonna sing this song, which is a brand new song. It hasn't even been out for 24 hours. I want to sing this to ya'll because it was written for ya'll," Beyonce told fans at the concert. "This is the first time. Something I'll never forget."

Beyonce's new album 'Beyonce' is available to download now.