Here's What Happened When Michelle Williams "Prank Called" Beyonce Live On Stage - WATCH

16 October 2017, 17:26 | Updated: 16 October 2017, 17:29

Michelle phoned her superstar friend...

Michelle Williams “prank called” Beyonce live on stage at the Liberty University Convocation. 

The former Destiny’s Child singer was speaking at the US university when she was asked to call her good friend live in front of an audience.

“Cover the number,” she told the host, before he appeared to hold up Michelle’s phone and expose Beyonce’s number. 

Following a lengthy amount of rings, the call went straight to a voicemail, which said: “Hey it’s Bey, leave a message.”

The crowd then burst out in cheers before Michelle joked: “She’s meditating, she’s having time with the Lord…”

(Watch the phone call around 2.28 seconds.)

After the clip went viral, Beyonce fans began attempting to figure out the number that was called. 

However Michelle was quick to clear up any rumours, claiming the entire thing was a prank.

Meanwhile, Beyonce recently released a new version of her ‘Freedom’ video to celebrate International Day Of The Girl.

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