This Girl Gave Her Boyfriend A 'Beyoncé' Exam To See If They Were Compatible

7 April 2015, 12:18

Beyonce exam

Can't we all just take Beyoncé exams at the University of Beyoncé, graduate and work for Beyoncé Ltd?

Forget about having similar ideals, goals and visions for the future - the only question any Beyoncé fan really needs to ask when considering whether or not their potential other half is compatible is this; "Do they know enough about Beyoncé?."

Because if the answer is no, there could be a problem.

At least that's what one Beyoncé super-fan thinks. Twitter user @Fergyonce posted a photo of a homemade exam she gave to her boyfriend as a test to see if they could "stay together."

Questions include 'Circle the correct version of Beyoncé's full name' and 'Briefly explain the Solange Knowles elevator incident."

The rules of the exam clearly state that a score of 60% must be achieved to stay in the relationship. Thankfully, we can report that he passed with a score of 80%.