Watch This Guy Flawlessly Perform Five Beyoncé Albums In Four Minutes

29 April 2015, 10:04

4 Beyonce from Todrick


This is seriously incredible.

If you feel like you could listen to Beyoncé all day every day but just can't find the time, this is the video for you. 

YouTube superstar Todrick Hall has made a video that is about to change Beyoncé superfans' life. It sees him perform snippets from all five of Beyoncé's studio albums (that's 70 songs - plus some bonus tracks) in just four minutes. 

The video, titled '4 Beyoncé from Todrick,' also sees the former American Idol contestant perform accompanying choreography. 

"This took four single take performances of memorizing four different sets of lyrics & choreography (ironically this was filmed in four hours), and is exactly four minutes in length because of Beyonce’s connection to the number 4," Todrick wrote.

"Let's just hope it gets 4 Million views in the next 4 days lol."

Watch Todrick's incredible ode to Beyoncé above.