What Does 'BAK' Mean? Fans Think Beyoncé's Coachella Top Might Have A Hidden Meaning

15 April 2018, 13:43 | Updated: 15 April 2018, 13:45

Beyonce BAK hoodie

Some clever fans managed to decode the meaning behind Beyoncé's Coachella hoodie.

Beyoncé hit the Coachella stage late on Saturday evening to deliver a historic performance as the first black woman to headline the music festival. 

The singer had five outfit changes over the course of the night, but there was one look in particular that made fans wonder whether Beyoncé was sending hidden messages. 

Beyonce coachella performance

via Getty/Kevin Winter

During the first part of the performance, it appeared that Beyoncé was wearing a sparkly yellow hoodie with the letters 'BAK' on it. 

Watch Beyoncé's Legendary Coachella 2018 Performance.

Many fans weren't sure what 'BAK' meant, but they knew they wanted to be a part of it. 

Some viewers even speculated that 'BAK' had something to do with Beyoncé potentially dropping a new album. 

Although it's tempting to think that 'BAK' is the name or acronym of Beyoncé's next album, some clever sleuths online provided a much more realistic explanation. 

Beyonce BAK 1

via Twitter/@TheSWDiva

Beyonce BAK 2

via Twitter/chrstvphr

Fans will know that Beyoncé loves the number 4. It appears that what looked like an A' on her hoodie was actually the symbol for Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. Delta also resembles the 'Roc' hand symbol, which has been synonymous with Jay Z for years. 

B- for Beyoncé (Beta)
Δ- for 4/Roc (Delta) 
K- for Knowles (Kappa) 

Her Coachella performance was full of HBCU skits and themes and it looks like Beyoncé wanted to add an extra layer by creating her own sorority.

Fans are now wondering how long it will be before they can buy their very own BΔK hoodies. 

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