23 Tweets That Will Make You Want To Join The A$AP Rocky Defense Squad

5 February 2016, 13:13 | Updated: 5 February 2016, 13:27

ASAP Rocky

They're here in full effect!

Since dropping his latest album 'A.L.L.A.' last year, A$AP Rocky has quietly been making a big impact in the Hip Hop world.

The New York rapper has steadily been building a very passionate online fanbase also known as ‘The A$AP Rocky Defense Squad’ and they are hilariously brilliant. 

If you haven't spotted The A$AP Rocky Defense Squad on Twitter yet, where have you been?! 

Some may call it an army:

While others are calling it ultimate squad goals:

They even have some famous faces in their ranks:

Recruitment can be a nail-biting process for some:

While others are just eager to get involved:

Some are simply confused:

Loyalty is a must:

And keeping the peace is essential:

You might even get some free clothes if you're lucky:

Its really not a joke, ask Rocky:

So if you're not feeling an A$AP Rocky track, it might be best to keep your opinions to yourself:

Because Twitter has concluded:

Rocky's Defense Squad is officially taking over!