50 Cent roasts T.I after rapper challenges him to hit-for-hit song battle

7 July 2020, 17:51

50 Cent trolls T.I with 'Friday' film reference on Instagram
50 Cent trolls T.I with 'Friday' film reference on Instagram. Picture: Getty

New York rapper 50 Cent has trolled T.I after being challenged to a 'Verzuz' battle by the Atlanta rapper.

50 Cent has responded to T.I's request for them both to go head-to-head in a 'Verzuz' hit-for-hit battle on Instagram.

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On 50 Cent's birthday (Jul 6), T.I took to Instagram to urge 50 Cent to battle with him on Swizz Beats and Timbaland's hit battle platform.

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Taking to Instagram TV, Tip said “For your birthday, I offer you a challenge, sir,” he said in a video posted to his Instagram.

“Pull your ass up with 20 of your records, sit across from me, and get this work, man.”

T.I challenges 50 Cent to a 'Versus' battle on Instagram
T.I challenges 50 Cent to a 'Versus' battle on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

T.I. trolled 50, by bringing up that the last rapper to challenge him to a battle was in 2007, suggesting he no longer has good music.

Tip continued “I understand if you don’t want to answer to that challenge. Because last time you got challenged Kanye West dusted your ass off, so, you might not wanna do that.”

Once 50 Cent caught wind of Tip's request, he roasted the 39-year-old Atlanta rapper with a reference from the iconic 1995 film 'Friday'.

50 wrote "“Somebody passed T.I. the weed they gave Smokey in Friday.” Snoop Dogg chimed in with several emojis, encouraging the battle. Young Thug wrote "😂😂😂" in the comment section.

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