50 Cent reignites Ja Rule beef with savage Coronavirus meme

17 March 2020, 11:29

50 Cent uses Coronavirus meme to throw shade at rival Ja Rule
50 Cent uses Coronavirus meme to throw shade at rival Ja Rule. Picture: Getty

Rapper 50 Cent has trolled his rival Ja Rule using a savage Coronavirus meme on Instagram.

50 Cent recently announce that Power's spin-off's have been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, he has not finished expressing his thoughts on the widespread COVID-19 disease.

50 Cent trolls Bow Wow after rapper falls off stage mid-performance

It would not be like Fif, if he did not bring humour to a situation deemed dangerous to many. The 44-year-old rapper has used Coronavirus to troll his rival Ja Rule with a new meme.

On Monday (Mar 16) Fif took to Instagram to share a savage meme, throwing shade at Ja Rule's infamous Fyre Festival.

The meme reads "2020 is being managed by the same organisers as Fyre Festival", making reference to the uneasy atmosphere caused by Coronavirus fears.

50 Cent captioned the meme "Now this s**t is starting to make sense LOL."

The meme is taking jabs at Ja Rule who's fed up with his name being dragged through the mud in regards to the Fyre Festival mishap.

Fyre Festival was a fraudulent 2017 "luxury" music festival founded by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre Media Inc.

Ja Rule was heavily linked to the festival as he intended to promote the company's Fyre app for booking music talent.

Although Ja Rule was dismissed from the Fyre Festival lawsuit, Ja Rule is still accused of contributing toward the mess of the failed festival.

Just last month, Rule took aim at trolls on Twitter threatening to "slap the earth wind and FYRE out you clowns!!!".

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