50 Cent Responds To New 'Power' Season 6 Theme Song Complaints

27 August 2019, 12:14 | Updated: 27 August 2019, 14:42

50 Cent updated the theme song for his hit show 'Power' with Trey Songz vocals, but fans were not happy following the first episode.

The build up for 'Power' season 6 had been filled with excitement and hype - but the feeling quickly changed for 50 Cent's hit show as soon as the updated theme song began playing during the opening episode.

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Originally performed by R&B star Joe, 'Big Rich Town' is the hugely popular theme song for 'Power' and has been heard at the beginning of episodes for the first five seasons, but the new season sees Trey Songz take over vocal duties and fans expressed their anger about the change on social media.

Following the negative response, 50 Cent took to Instagram to address the haters and defended Trey Songz by saying "Trey did that song as a favour to me".

In a later post alongside a picture of the original artist Joe, 50 Cent went on to add, 'yo @treysongz looked at me like, what you want to do to the song. I’m like let’s just update it, it’s 6 years old. He was like ok if you say so 50.'

Addressing the fan reaction himself, Trey Songz replied to 50 Cent's Instagram video and said, 'N*ggas act like I said 50 let’s change the Power theme. Remember what I said when you first played it?!'.

'Power' season 6 is still sure to be another hit for the much-loved series, so get up to date with everything you need to know about it right here!

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