Wiz Khalifa Just Proved He Can Not Name One Taylor Swift Song


Catchphrase with Jim Parsons, Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa


Watch the moment of panic that comes over Wiz Khalifa when he has to name a Taylor Swift song.

Wiz Khalifa has clearly not brushed up on his pop music lately. 

The 'We Dem Boyz' rapper had a seriously hard time guessing the answer 'Shake It Off' (you know, the Taylor Swift song that you heard around ten million times last summer?) in a recent game of Catchphrase on Jimmy Fallon's 'The Tonight Show.'

Wiz Khalifa Shake It Off

It should have been obvious that it was going to be a tough round when Wiz's face turned to panic as his partner began with the clue "It's a Taylor Swift Song."

Thankfully, Wiz managed to get there in the end, but the lead up to his victory makes for hilarious viewing. Watch what happened above. 

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