Vic Mensa Is Bold On New ‘Heir To The Throne’ Freestyle

Vic goes in.

Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa has released a defiant new freestyle over the classic Biggie instrumental ‘Who Shot Ya’. 

The Chicago rapper takes on the beat with aggressive lyrics, rapping: “This is the beginning of a new dynasty/ I hope you n*****s come prepared/ You should be very scared/They try tell me Vic you aint playing fair.” 

Listen to Vic Mensa - 'Heir To The Throne (Freestyle)' below:

(Warning: This song contains strong language that some people may find offensive.)

He also reveals that A$AP Rocky has told him that he is better than most rappers in Hip-Hop. 

He raps: “Motherf*****s jump to conclusions to try and box me/Somehow I always come back like Rocky/ A$AP gave me some game, he said I’m iller than any of these rap n****s that try to advise me.”

Despite success with single ‘U Mad’ featuring Kanye West , he also wants people to know that Yeezy is not responsible for his current success.

“Don’t chalk my success up to Kanye influence/N****, I made ‘U Mad’ before I met dude ass.”

Vic Mensa’s debut album ‘Traffic’ is due for release this autumn on Roc Nation. 

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