Julio Bashmore On DJ'ing Live: "There's Nothing Else Like It"

18 March 2014, 10:33

Watch the 'Au Seve' producer discuss his musical influences.

Julio Bashmore has been discussing his career as a producer and DJ, and admitted there is "nothing else like" playing his songs live.

In an interview with RWD magazine, the 'Au Seve' producer also spoke about his influences, admitting that his family influenced the music he makes today.

"DJ'ing was always around. I've got two older brothers and they were always playing dance music. Now it's got to the point where my Grandad will go and get his fish and chips and they'll talk about me because they've heard 'Au Seve' on the radio."

The RWD series of interviews also caught up with fashion collective Justanorm - you watch how they came together below.

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