Listen To Tink's Brand New Song 'I Like'

Tink is set for a big few months, but is 'I Like' the hit she needs to go to the next level?

Tink rapper

Chicago musician Tink is riding high after her performance on the Aaliyah sampling single 'Million', being featured in the XXL Freshman 2015 class and her first label debut, 'Think Tink', due out this year. 

Today she dropped 'I Like', a yearning slow jam that shows off her singing and rapping abilities over a beat by fellow Chicago musician C-Sick. 

This all follows five big mixtapes from the 20-year-old, including last year's 'Winter's Diary II', which featured in a lot of end of year 'best of' lists. 

Her mentor, legendary producer Timbaland, has even said that Aaliyah has "appeared to him" and said that Tink is "The one" - but in an exclusive interview, she told us that everyone needs to drop the Aaliyah comparisons.