London Grammar's 'Sights' Gets Big Tourist Remix: New Music

Listen to this Garage-inspired remix of the group's new single 'Sights'.

London Grammar - Sights official artwork

London Grammar return in June with the new song 'Sights' and, as with previous singles, the track will come packaged with a host of killer remixes. This week we've got our first taste of what to expect courtesy of Tourist's re-working of the song.

Listen to the tourist remix of London Grammar's 'Sights' below:

After a near-two minute build-up, producer Tourist takes Hannah Reid's vocals and drops a huge Garage-inspired beat beneath them - and it really, really works. 

'Sights' will be released on 1st June and is taken from London Grammar's all-conquering debut album 'If You Wait' for any of you eager to hear what the original sounds like.