Fetty Wap Drops New Single 'Why You Mad' After Saying He Doesn't Feel Safe In Hometown

New Jersey rapper fears for his safety.

fetty was why u mad

Fetty Wap dropped a new song 'Why You Mad' continuing his prolific run of singles.

The New Jersey rapper latest features fellow  XXL Freshman Shy Glizzy and addresses his post-fame haters. "Really tell me why you mad son?" Fetty sings on the hook. "Is it 'cause a n**** ballin, 'cause a n**** gettin' rich?"

Fetty recently posted a screenshot of a conversation with a longtime friend on his Instagram warning him that it's too dangerous for him to travel on this own. In the caption, Fetty himself admitted he no longer felt safe returning to his neighbourhood. 

"My real n****s don't even want me comin back to the hood," he wrote, "It feel funny not being able to be regular in the city yu grew up in or to get hate from ppl that never new u until you did something they couldn't and now they hate you". 

Fetty continued: "it's cool I ain't missin shit anyway that's why we got smartphones I'll FaceTime my whole Block before a nigga take my only way of feeding my kids from me". 

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