Serena SK

Serena SK (Music Potential)

Get to know Music Potential star Serena SK.

Serena SK has always had an interest in music and performing since she can remember. Growing up, her mother used to play a lot of old school classics like Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Mariah Carey, Evelyn King and many more. These artists inspired her and so did her mum as she was a talented singer. Serena studied performing arts at college which allowed her to mix her natural talent of singing with dance. During this time she met some great people and became part of the Bassline scene performing with brilliant artists like predator. Serena is currently working on her EP and loved her Music Potential experience last year. Serena is performing with Music Potential at the Barclaycard Lounge Birmingham NIA.

Listen to Serena SK's song 'Groove':

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